The Aqua-Lev auto fill system is the professional way of installing a water leveler on an existing pool or spa. The Aqua-Lev installs entirely by the pump and filter, where it fills through the existing return lines when the pump is off. This system is hydraulically operated, simple to maintain (non-electric) and will out perform and out last them all.


1.Two containers of water will seek the same level when connected together, by a conduit of water: this is siphoning.
2.The same siphon action will occur if the pool is one container and the Aqua-lev sensor chamber is the other container and the pool plumbing is the conduit, which connects them.

3.When the Aqua-Lev chamber is placed at the same level as the pool and the pump is off, the water in the chamber and in the pool will seek the same level.

4.A plunger style float valve is used to add water to the sensor chamber which channels the fresh water to the pool via the existing pool plumbing lines.

5.If necessary a slight adjustment to the water level can be made inside the sensor chamber by squeezing the clevis clip and moving it either up or down the float rod. When the clip slides up, the water level in the pool will be adjust down, when the clip slides down, the water level in the pool will be adjusted upward.

6.A check valve has been installed in the bottom of the chamber, which closes when the pump is on. This prevents the chamber from filling when the pump is on. Pump must be off for Aqua-Lev to operate.