Our Story

The idea started to come together back in 1985, when a customer wanted an automatic water leveler installed on their existing pool. After evaluating the job, it seemed a shame to tear up the yard, the deck and the side of the pool wall in order to install the conventional water leveler device.The “what ifs” started popping into the mind of the original inventor, Cliff Kinkead. What if there was a way to utilize the existing plumbing to monitor and fill the pool. Could it be done accurately, consistently and without effecting the existing pool equipment? The answer was “yes”, however, it took a persistent mindset in order to pass the learning curve of many sciences. He learned about siphoning, hydraulics and about which materials would hold up in the harsh conditions around the pool equipment.

All of this put together, and a successful product comes to market. We have sold over 10,000 kits. Over the years, changes needed to be made to keep in step with the changing market, and that’s where we are now. We have probably the best designed unit available for sale. It is easier to install, easier and less expensive to maintain, and still is engineered to last a lifetime.

From all of us at the Aqua Lev companies, we hope that we have built a product that creates more leisure time for you.